Sand belt and roller brush deburring machine

Appearance effect

Surface long straight hair lines,Round and smooth outline

Applicable material

Stainless steel, iron, copper, etc.

Technical parameters

  • Max. working width800mm/1300mm
  • Working thickness1~100mm
  • Conveyor speed1~4/0.7-5.2m/min
  • Abrasive belt speed9~20m/s
  • Grinding speed9-20r/s
  • Max. power29.5KW/34KW(Does not contain a vacuum cleaner)
  • Rated voltageAC 380V/50HZ
  • Rated current60A/68A
  • Pressure0.6~0.8MPA
  • Weigh4500kg/5000kg



  • Remove silhouette edge slag,soft burr,hard burr,oxide layer
  • Chamfer of outside and inside profile more uniform
  • Strong adsorptive force,suitable for smaller parts
  • Automatic compensation for abrasive material
  • Process parameters memory
  • Adsorption cavity automatic cleaning
  • Intelligent awareness protection
  • Intelligent startup and stop(optional)
  • Abrasive replacement remind
  • A variety of abrasive options (abrasive wire, steel wire, etc.)


Control system

  • Siemens programmable control system
  • Variable frequency drive system
  • Step positioning system
  • Fault alarm hint


Grinding process

Combination of triangular sand belt and strip-shaped sand-cloth roller brush.

Conveying mode

Press roller clamping,Turbine vacuum adsorption,Conveying by high damping and wear resistant rubber belt.


  • Slag, hard burr produced by laser, flame, plasma and other hot-working processes
  • Burr, sharp edge of NCT, die stamping, cutting, etc.