About Suzhou Shinetek


Suzhou shinetek Grinding Technology Co, Ltd. was established in 2013, focusing on the development and application of automatic and intligent grinding technology, aiming to address the labor-intensive, ineficient, low-quality, environmental polltion and heavy workload issues in the subsequent grinding processes of the metal processing industry. This is to significanty improve the production efficiency and product quality of enterprises, reduce manufacturing costs, protect the environment and alleviate their personnel work intensity.

In 2012, we have cooperated with some colleges and universites in studying flexible grinding technology. Now we have dozens of R&D engineers that come from fields of mechanical, electrical, software, material, etc., enable us to dedicated to the research and development of grinding materials, processes, and motion control. We have taken the lead in developing intelligent grinding compensation technology, self-cleaning technology and smart force control system, consequently, obtained multiple national invention patents and utility model patents every year. Several our products have filled the domestic gap, and have not only comparable performance as foreign products from Europe and America, but also master multiple innovative technologies, leading the industry.

In 2014, we released grinding machine with deburring and rounding functions for the first time, Including TK series and PS series, which solved the process issues of removal of burr and edge rounding after profile cutting, laser cutting, NCT, plasma cutting and die stamping. After years of development, We have gradually launched a series of standard products which incorporate different combination of function modules including B, R, S, T, K, H, C,P, L, F and G. These modules stand for functions of removing burr / slag / oxide layer, brushing, polishing, grinding to preseted thickness, ultra precision grinding, welding seam grinding, etc., and meet the diverse needs of different industries like aviation, rall transit, electronic communication, medical devices, construction machinery and equipment manufacturing.

We continuously work on product development not only for standard grinding machine of general purpose, but also for tailored robotic grinding station and automatic grinding production line of specific scenarios. These tailored products feature in high difficulty and high integration, satisfying the customer grinding demands in efficiency, high quality, automation and smart.

We have both advanced equipment and professional operation team, strictyly adhere to the ISO9001 quality management system. Our corporate spirit is 'Focusing on the process, enjoying the results', striving to provide fist-class products and services for customers, to achieve 'comprehensive service, lustrous results'.